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Date Player Names City
2015-03-13 Ramesh Jain Mumbai
2015-03-06 Ramesh Jain Mumbai
2014-09-21 Abhishek Anand Mumbai
2014-09-20 Abhishek Anand Mumbai
2013-11-17 Bhargava Sana mumbai
2013-11-14 Bhargava Sana mumbai
2013-08-09 nishant sodhi mumbai
2013-06-22 Rohit Sharma New Delhi
2013-04-25 Vijay Jha Delhi
2013-04-24 Manish Singh Mumbai
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Date Players Result
2014-01-12 nishant sodhi
Anay Patil
2014-01-15 Bhargava Sana
Atish Tripathi
2013-12-15 Atish Tripathi
Anay Patil
2013-11-17 nishant sodhi
Bhargava Sana
2013-11-10 nishant sodhi
Atish Tripathi
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